Biographical Information

Jan Garrett is a jazz singer with a poet’s soul.  A native of Colorado and a lifelong musician, she is a wilderness vision quester, creativity guide, and certified laughing instructor who teaches with a twinkle and inspires by example. Jan’s songs have won multiple awards in the world of positive music, and have been arranged and published by a Canadian choral music company.  Her tune “Tenderly Calling” was recorded by John Denver and the legendary bluegrass band Hot Rize, and was featured in a PBS documentary.

In her colorful musical past Garrett recorded and toured with John Denver and Steve Martin (when he was still doing stand-up) and appeared on the Tonight Show.  She joined the Dirt Band for their historic 1977 Soviet Tour. (The Russians, starved for American music and Levi’s, treated them like the Beatles.)  As if this weren’t enough of a thrill, she was later listed in the Rolling Stone “Who’s Who in Rock & Roll.”  Guided by her Indian guru, and a fine sense of humor, she practiced meditation through it all.

Jan and her husband, acclaimed songwriter JD Martin, have co-written and produced 7 CDs of original songs, described as….“rich and intelligent, a feast of musical endorphins, universally inclusive and uplifting….a velvet hammer wake-up call, as satisfying to the soul as they are to the ear, music to open the heart and refresh the spirit.”  It has taken them years to memorize that.  When they are not touring, Jan and JD are grateful to be living and creating their music in the mountains of Colorado near Aspen. Their twin daughters live down the road. 

Finding the Beloved everywhere....

A spiritual revolutionary at heart, Jan is committed to love, compassion, humor, and deep ecological sanity. Integrating both light and shadow, her writing, performing, and teaching are generous, wholistic, creative, emotional, inclusive, relational, and participatory in nature, and she really enjoys stringing long lists of adjectives together. In fact, the longer she sits typing at the computer, the more rambunctiously she tends to go for the cheap laugh. Fortunately she also believes in miracles and listens for angels. She feels most at home in the natural world.

Garrett has two solo CDs of original material: "Don't Go Back to Sleep," and "Gypsy Midwfie: Songs for Soul Retrieval,"  She and JD have also written and recorded five more albums of award-winning songs:  “I Dreamed of Rain,” “Winter Songs,” “Already Home,”  “No Complaints Whatsoever,”  and their latest,  "Inside the Songwriters' Studio."  Feel free to listen to audio samples  here.

Jan’s instructional CD on "Body Chewing" is also now available for serious voice students and the shamelessly curious.

Musical Overview

Jan Garrett is first and foremost a jazz singer.....velvet voice, educated musical ear, improvisational spirit..... which means that if she forgets the words (as she is wont to do in the heat of the moment) she can make something up and it will be OK. This gives her deep peace of mind. Astrologically her moon is in Leo, making her quick to discreetly mark off a little personal territory in center stage, while at the same time fully revelling in collaborating and playing WITH other people. In fact, her greatest joy is to "disappear into the music," which is why you often see her wearing clothes in emergency day-glo colors.......

Her cameleon-like tendency to fall in love with whatever great musical style she happens to get close to has seen her through the blues, decades of folk mania, jazz, country music, big band swing, soul, all eras of classical, celtic and assorted old-timey & bluegrass bands, even toning and chanting.  As a rule, she does not "write" songs. They come upon her and take over her mind & body for random intense periods, and if she is lucky, both she and the music come out whole and decipherable on the other side. It is a mysterious, private, and holy process.  If someone were to offer her a great deal of money, however, she could be persuaded to focus and produce prolifically like the true professional she is.