Rave Reviews

Quotes & Testimonials

Paul Williams, Grammy award-winning songwriter and renowned film & TV actor---

"A ripple, a rumor, a subtle sense of humor...Jan... Maestro...I am overwhelmed by your talent. I shouldn't be surprised. You're spirit is so bright and your energy so positive, but I simply hadn't guessed at how spectacular your creative gifts. The Williams house is alive with the healing sounds of your CD. I am amazed at the beauty of your voice and the impact of your songs. They "eat me and turn me around." You and J.D have created a beautiful album that has thrown me into "gushamatic overdrive." It's a tribute to the power of the songs that their size makes me feel larger... instead of smaller. I send you both much love for the new year. You're the last, best surprise of the nineties....."


Valari Jack, Photographer---

"I love the look of the whole thing....all the collaborative visuals. And finally, this busy week, I have had a chance to really listen to you, to be quiet enough to let the words and music into myself...and it is all so good, Jan. It, you, your work...it's all subtle but powerful. Comes floating in, almost, on the music which is so engaging, whether it is the jazzier or more celtic pieces...but then I realize that more is happening than just my pleasure in the hearing. It is something in the quality of your voice itself combined with the lyrics, the music and your intention all the way through. Thank you again for the great pleasure in hearing you sing on this CD."


Trebbe Johnson, Writer and Vision Quest leader---

" As I listened more intently I began to feel that life as I had been living it... fully, exhaustively, vigorously, luminously... was the only way possible to live it. It seemed to me that all your songs were saying just that...."


Bill Plotkin, Founder of "Animas Valley Institute," ---

"Holy Mother! The overall feel for me is this: My heart elevates several notches as I listen. Tears come to eyes. Bones remember the sacredness of all life and the unspeakable blessing to be alive on this light/dark planet despite/because of all the sweetly agonizing pain we all put each other through. A killer CD indeed. You go girl! See, all that formidable work was necessary and good! If it's possible, this one goes even deeper and entrances us more than your first CD."


Marc Moriva, Guitar and sax player and recording engineer---

"I don't mean to gush but damn!! The songs are wonderful....the arrangements are sparse and quite lovely, the strings subtle and effective and beautiful. The mixes are spacious and full of air. The recording quality seems flawless....great acoustic guitar stuff. Everything just sounds great! I'm really happy that you and J.D. have made such a beautiful record."


Terry Burton, Designer and Writer---

"The more I listen to your CD, the more I revel in its artistry. As a writer, and a storyteller, I honor your story telling. The quality, the range, and the nuances of your voice is wonderfully mature...like fine wine. Your themes, your use of metaphor, your alliteration, rhythm, and the support and the juxtaposition of the instrumentals is masterful. Simply masterful. The production of it is as good as anything I have ever heard.

Intuitively, I feel you have created a contemporary masterpiece that is perfectly timed for the new millennium. To me, Your CD captures and honors the spirit of a broad range of music...the blues, Rock and Roll, Irish folk.. and it presents the very contemporary sophisticated theme of soul recognition. Ultimately, this is its power and true worth. It is mainstream to anyone who is interested in alternative beliefs and personal spiritual growth. I hope it takes off and soars like a bird."


Meridith Little & Steven Foster, Authors & Master Teachers, "School of Lost Borders"---

"Dear Jan - Oh oh oh the beauty of having your voice and song in our home again. Beautiful, rich, sweet, strong...Your new music is FANTASTICORGASMFOOD!"


Mike Klaus, Regular Guy

"When I went home at noon yesterday, Jan's CD was waiting in the mailbox. I had a chance to listen to a couple of tracks as I wolfed down lunch. Sounds great! Our cocker, Tucker, didn't go through his usual barking fit when I left to go back to work. It apparently had a soothing effect on him too."